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Levels of Kickboxing

Level 1 - Boxing fundamentals incorporating basic footwork and                              movement, basic strikes and defenses.

Level 2 - Level 1 plus low kicks (thigh kicks) and thai push kicks and                       defence.

Level 3 - Midrange kicks and spinning kicks

Level 4 - high kicks( including axe kicks) and spinning high kicks

Level 5 - Knee strikes and elbows and clinch work


Kickboxing refers to the martial art sport of kicking and punching. Kickboxing is a standing sport and does not allow continuation of the fight once a combatant has reached the ground, although certain styles of Muay Thai make exceptions to this rule. 

IFA Kickboxing is a well formed system with its basis from the Ryu Bujitsu Kai system and the Eddine kickboxing system, creating a freestyle system of Kickboxing adaptable to all situations. 
Whether you are training for mma, boxing or kickboxing career or simply to get fit, IFA kickboxing is tailored for everyone. 

What makes IFA's system of freestyle kickboxing so unique is that we incorperate many tools from other styles of martial arts (back fists, spinning back fists, axe kicks, spinning back and wheel kicks, just to name a few)

At IFA Martial Arts, we have a six step kickboxing system where students grade through our program to ensure that students learn a complete freestyle kickboxing. Starting with basic boxing and boxing defence, then applying low kicks and defence all the way through to high kicks and the more eccentric  techniques

Starting off on the fundamental elements for boxing with footwork, basic strikes, defence and  countering. Students must demonstrate the fundamental of boxing in sparring to move to the next level of the IFA freestyle kickboxing program

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